Full Execution
OC is a general construction and construction management services firm specializing in providing full execution capability for both owner/developers and corporate clients.

Through our active management approach, the OC team stands apart from the industry as true experts in the development of real estate from site selection/acquisition, to strategic scope development, through design and construction.

Anchored by the core fundamentals of building a construction firm that embraces diverse concepts and intelligent collaborations through non-adversarial partnerships, OC continues to lead the industry in commercial repositioning by strategically weaving together our in-house and industry expertise.


Act with Integrity


Carry out Processes Consistently


Conflict resolution; Non-Adversarial


Disciplined, Accountable Workforce


Always Promote Safety First

Our Culture
Creating a corporate culture that aligns with OC core values.

Jonathan Ninnis, James Robinson, Michael Sci and John McGrath understand the success of OC starts with the team and is built upon a sense of community and collaboration, which in turn fosters culture.

As Principals of a company that is continually expanding, Jonathan, James, Mike and John regularly work on encouraging the team to have transparent communications and believe that thinking, planning and intelligent decisions are better when colleagues work cooperatively. In creating this cohesive environment, OC created a culture campaign called "Our Culture" TEAMS, or OC TEAMS to remind and encourage the team every day to work within the parameters of being Transparent, Efficient, Adaptable, Methodical and Safe.

OC knows that safety is an integral part of our daily routine.

We have launched the “Safety First, You Never Work Alone” initiative. Our team is committed to ensuring our employees and trade partners return home safely each day to their family and loved ones.

Through our OC TEAMS platform, safety is embedded within our culture and achieved through corporate and principal oversight, regular reporting, and ongoing education and training. We are dedicated to an incident and injury-free workplace and will never allow safety to be sacrificed for production.


Core Values

  • Strive for total elimination of accidents
  • Ensure each employee returns home safely
  • Never sacrifice safety for production
  • Integrate safety as a key part of quality control
  • Live by Corporate Safety Program
  • Train continuously


Key Elements

  • Principal Commitment
  • Compliance with all local, state and federal safety organizations
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly identified
  • Emergency procedures in place
  • Competent person designations
  • Jobsite safety inspections
  • Training and education
  • Accident investigation and reporting
  • Safety orientation
  • Fall protection


Quality Control

  • Trade Orientation
  • Worker Orientation
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Twice Weekly Executive Meetings with Job Site Walk-throughs
  • Bi-weekly Job Site Safety Walk-throughs and Audits
  • Bi-weekly Corporate Safety Policy and Procedure Review

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