17,000 sf
368 Ninth Avenue

Redevelopment of building including new lobby and ground floor reconfiguration, partial façade upgrade, interior demolition, roof to amenity. Offer a progressive building repositioning strategy into Class A multi-tenant office in order to capitalize on the strong leasing market in the surrounding neighborhood. Primary programmatic elements of the redevelopment include:

• Part 1 – Ground Floor: Consolidated Lobby
• Part 2 – Roof Deck: Add roof top exterior and interior amenity; addition of bathrooms
• Part 3 – Office floor demolition

Current work consists of a 38,000 sf demolition / white box project. Scope includes abatement, removal of mastic floor tile, pipe insulation, and installation of a temporary sprinkler loop, fire alarm and new supply of return fire smoke dampers. tied into the BMS System at each riser.